Lean Office / Lean Service

Improve the performance of your administrative or service processes (service quality and customer experience, efficiency, lead times, ...).


Your administrative processes are not performaing properly or do not satisfy because they:

- Are too long?

- Do not satisfy internal clients?

- Are not efficient enough?

- Are not consistent?


You want to improve the quality of your service offer, improve your client experience, reduce the cost of your offer without affecting the quality?


The transfer of Lean principles to your non-industrial sectors or work environments will enable you to reach a higher level of operational efficiency. According to your needs and objectives, we can provide the most suitable approach, for example:

    • Discover or have your collaborators discover Lean Office (see our LeanPerf Academy training programs) or Lean in IT (Information Technology).
    • Lead on-site progress and training workshops: sales, procurement, after-sales, accounting / cost control / finance, human resources, service offer.
    • Design or have top management design the Lean Office efficiency improvement process.
    • Reorganise, with your teams, the administrative flows for greater reactivity, fewer errors and a better service for internal clients.

      Some examples

VSM Office to improve procurement processes   VSM  actions plan in order to improve

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