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LeanPerf, Sustainable Efficiency LeanPerf, Sustainable Efficiency




Our consultants are pleased to:


Share with you their experience in view of improving your operational efficiency:

Lean can be applied to all kinds of activities, despite the need for experience and realism during implementation. We have experience of all sectors of activity: Manufacturing - from job-shop to mass production, prototypes, administrative processes and services.

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Provide you with a large range of available proposals (solutions):

We are able to:
- Diagnose or audit your business / processes in order to identify improvement opportunities
- Improve your processes efficiency (using Lean tools)
- Support cultural, physical and organisational transformation process (self-directed team, Team Leader, performance facilitation, routines, ...)
- Provide visible spot performance improvements (communication on workshops, best practices sharing, ...)

See "Lean Implementation"




Develop your team skills and know-how:

Obtaining sustainable results involves the understanding of Lean culture, principles and tools.

  • All our missions are designed for this transfer.
  • We are able to tailor-made training programs according to your specific needs.
  • We help the management team to design and frame a relevant transformation process.

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