LeanPerf Academy training programs

Why follow a Lean training program?

To support the deployment of your continuous improvement process, LeanPerf offers a wide range of more than 60 training modules to help you fully integrate:
  • Lean tools and knowledge
  • The behaviors and culture to adopt for a successful Lean transformation

Our programs are certified and we are an accredited training provider.


Benefits of Lean training programs

  • To help management team to envision concrete actions to implement and anticipate resistances.

    • To provide a common understanding of principles, tools and behaviors to all participants in order to sustain results.
    • To initiate the transformation process.

Our approach

We have a three-step approach:
  • A discovery step with modules and examples.
  • A practical step with games, simulations and workshop activities.
  • A summary step for a thorough understanding and to anchor key points of the implementation process.

This active and playful approach promotes interaction between the participants.

It is designed for any audience (employees, operators, technicians, managers, ...)
According to your objectives, our action-based programs can be done on site. The know-how transfer aimed at maximising value creation.


Our catalogue of more than 50 Lean training modules. 

More than 60 serious games and practical cases to enrich our training courses and ensure a good understanding.



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