Experience in Lean manufacturing


More than 1,000 engagements at over 150 sites around the world in the last 15 years.

Lean Office/Service
for efficient processes

Improve the performance of your administrative or service processes (service quality and customer experience, efficiency, lead times  ...).

Lean training : the best practices


Our programs are certified training programs and we are an accredited training provider...

Sustainable Efficiency

From 20% to 50% improvement on key performance indicators: Safety, Service provision, Quality, Cost, Delivery, People.

LeanPerf guarantees the sustainability of your results by setting up the required processes and teams for:

  • Process confirmation (Management Control or field monitoring)
  • Improvement teams having acquired our know-how
  • Objectives deployment with performance facilitation
  • Training 
  • ...






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    Next LeanPerf Academy training programs:

    • Lean Office / Lean Service (11/12-14/2014)

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