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We offer consulting and training in Lean to help you improve your operational efficiency in manufacturing, administrative processes and services.


Improve operational efficiency through Lean results from a systematic use of:

  • Methods aimed at reducing waste and improving quality / customer satisfaction level
  • Team facilitation to promote communication and best practice sharing
  • Top Management support and assistance


- In Industry, operational efficiency is measured using SQCDP indicators (Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, People). We deal with several subjects such as stocks and surfaces reduction , investments optimization, material losses reduction, process stability, productivity (direct and indirect labour, machine, shopfloor,...), ergonomics and working conditions improvement. We also support in improving both customer and internal quality. We work on shortening lead times, improving on-time delivery and optimizing the full supply chain. We are able to design a full Lean transformation process.




- In administrative processes and service activities, operational efficiency can be broken down into customer service, quality, cost (efficiency),  lead time (reactivity, respecting deadlines), adaptability or flexibility. We work on simplifying and improving the efficiency of administrative processes, understanding internal and external customer needs, setting up departmental facilitation activities to develop collaborator autonomy and responsibility.


We have more than 120 years of cumulated experience and our consultants are all experts in the implementation of operational improvement with Lean in industry, administrative processes and services/office.


We have carried out more than 50 Lean transformations in a wide variety of sectors and industries. Our Lean consultants have been trained, working alongside Toyota or firms having implemented the Toyota Production System over 15 years ago. 



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