Our added value



A team of true experts trained by the best Lean practitioners since 1993. 

We transfer our knowledge to your teams in order to develop their autonomy.



Our consultants are true experts with 15 years experience. They have a thorough experience in Manufacturing, Services and in different departments such as Maintenance, Engineering. At LeanPerf, we have performed over 50 Lean transformations resulting in efficiency improvements from 20 to 50%. We have been implementing Lean since 1993 and were among the first in Europe.


To help you improve your performance:
• We diagnose your performance level
• We facilitate workshops
• We develop your teams skills with on job training
• We help your managers and guide you through the Lean transformation process

• We support your operational teams, with training (learning by doing) at a level where they can lead the improvement process

• The transformation process is led by your teams, at your pace for a complete buy-in

We do not implement Lean for you. We help you deploy it, teach you how to do it and leave you completely autonomous.


Highly effective methods to guarantee sustainable results and an entire ownership by your teams who lead the change process


added value safety

• From 20% to 50% improvement of key performance indicators.

• Quality
• Productivity
• Delivery
• Service rate
• Surface
• Investments
• …

IT resp v15042014 2 Proficiency to successfully design your continuous improvement process in order to improve efficiency over 10%/year.
link op actions v15042014 • An ever-present concern: align workplace actions with top management priorities  (vision, external constraints, ..) and financial metrics.
Concrete actions on the shopfloor, with operationals,  focused on tangible results
• A lasting impact for our clients resulting from actions commitment, know-how transfer (coaching and learning-by-doing) and the deployment of many processes before ending our mission.



Worldwide working capacity

LeanPerf deploys its services throughout the world. Thanks to our multilingual team of consultants and our partners network.

All our consultants have been exposed to international environment, which has reinforced their proficiency.

Today, we deploy our services:

1. In the following countries: France, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, USA, Estonia, Hungary, Brazil, China, South Korea, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Ireland, England, India, ...
2. In the following languages: French, English, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Chinese...

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