Experience in Lean manufacturing


More than 1,000 engagements at over 150 sites around the world in the last 15 years.

Lean Office/Service
for efficient processes

Improve the performance of your administrative or service processes (service quality and customer experience, efficiency, lead times  ...).

Lean training : the best practices


Our programs are certified training programs and we are an accredited training provider...


LeanPerf deploys its services throughout the world thanks to our team of bilingual consultants and our partners network. 


All our consultants have experience of working abroad which has instilled in them with a truly international outlook and approach.

Today we deploy our services
in the following countries and languages:

  • Countries: France, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, USA, Estonia, Hungary, Brazil, China, South Korea, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Ireland, England, India, ...
  • Languages: French, English, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Chinese...

    Read one of our recent releases on "Xonitek.com" about Lean Management practices to succeed in a Lean transformation.



  • Latest Newsletter


    Read our Newsletter devoted to "8D : a powerful quality problem solving tool".  You will find an in-depth article detailing key factors for a successful 8D.


  • Next Training Programs (FR)

    Next LeanPerf Academy training programs:

    • Lean Office / Lean Service (11/12-14/2014)

    See full program details and dates.


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