Lean Coaching





It is about support in leading a major Lean project or a complex Lean workshop. During the sessions devoted to observation, analysis and implementation, the coach will provide a greater insight into methods in use in order to develop your team skills and practices.






  • Facilitate the cultural change of a Lean transformation.
  • Establish new practices in terms of attitudes and behaviors in the organisation
  • Help those involved to overcome organisational difficulties.
  • Guarantee results' sustainability.


Added Value:

Feedback and experience are vital to accelerate a Lean transformation. The coaching satisfies the need to be challenged and supported. Our coaching makes easier and quicker the implementation of actions and enables the assessment of decisions alignment. 

How to get lasting results:

  • Customised training from a couple of hours to few days.
  • Implementation of management routines and gemba walk by using suitable methodologies in accordance with lean principles.

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