Lean workshops



Implementation of concrete improvement actions by a multi-skills team led by a Lean Expert. Workshops generate the implementation of 30 to 50 actions and also physical changes in the area directly concerned. This leads to metrics improvement up to 30%. The physical changes are visible to improve ergonomics, working conditions, reduce floor space, improve accessibility, reduce downtimes, improve house keeping, ensure greater reliability and machine maintenance, increase productivity.







Enable the implementation of immediate actions.
Raise operators awareness that stretched goals are attainable.
Give operators the opportunity to show what they are really worth.


Added Value:

Tangible results obtained in less than one month by improving quality, safety, productivity and delivery.



A workshop is based on a monthly cycle and lasts 2 to 3 months.

  Workshop preparation Deployment Follow-up
Duration 3 to 4 weeks 3 to 5 days 1 month
Who Consultant + site coordinator and/or manager Group of 10 participants Manager with support from the consultant
  • Select the area to improve, tools, indicators, team
    • Establish a program. Prepare materials and necessary logistics
  • Facilitate the training-by-doing program
  • Target improvement actions in the workplace
  • Perform as many actions as possible during the workshop
  • Define standards and check them


  • Monitor the indicators
  • Execute action plan
  • Improve standards and train the teams
  • Ensure new employees are equally trained
  • Deploy in other workshops










Main types of workshops:

Type of workshop


Average duration


 Improving safety, quality, productivity, lead time and operator motivation

1 month


 Dividing Changeover time by 2 

15 days


 Availability improvement from 15 to 20%

3 months


 Dividing Breakdowns and micro-stoppages by 2

3 months


 Increasing labour efficiency from 20 to 30%

1 month

Quality: 8D, QRQC

 Dividing quality defects by 3 and multiplying customer satisfaction  by 3 

3 months

Logistics flows

 Inventory reduction of 50% in the Supply Chain

2 months

"Milkrun" internal flows

 30 to 50% improvements:
- WIP reduction
- Line parts availability improvements
- Handling costs reduction

3 months

Value Stream Mapping/MIFA

 Site diagnosis and progress scheduling

 Site progress workshop organisation 
 Inventory reduction of 50%

3 months 

Lean Office

 Cutting administrative lead times by 3

1 month





















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