Bertrand OLIVAR

20 years of experience in Lean

Project manager and Lean Expert
Multi-sector industrial experience, process planning and streamlining expertise

Operational experience in production management  (150 people)






  • Expert and trainer in Lean Manufacturing, Lean Office and Service (20 years experience) and developing continuous improvement programs
  • Multi-sector industrial and service sectors
  • Operational experience in production management (150 people), method, Corporate level implementation
  • Trilingual French, English Spanish, fluent in German
  • Ecole Centrale Paris + Engineering MBA 
  • Managing director at LeanPerf  - P&L and corporate experience



  • Aeronautics and aerospace – Defense (6 years)
  • Automotive (8 years)
  • Services / Office
  • Metal industry 
  • Agri-food industry and high volume manufacturing (drinks, TV)
  • Luxury goods industry
  • Small run industries and Job shops
  • Machining
  • Capital goods
  • Chemical products



20 years experience, 11 in industry and 9 in consulting

RWD (Business director) and LeanPerf (managing director)

  • Lean transformations in aeronautics, aerospace and defense with full management training.
  • Lean Manufacturing and Office training in various industrial sectors for managers and top managers
  • Lean Service/Office: simplification of the quality anomaly process, improved client experience (service) and profitability of car dealerships and the procurement process
  • Over 50 Kaïzen workshops
  • Launch of the LLA (Lean Learning Academy: 2-week lean training for top managers) and facilitating 6 training modules
  • Setting up an agri-food waste collection process
  • Improved profitability for a small to mid run machining company (SMED, improved OEE, …)
  • Lean transformation in an electrical cabinets company
  • SQCDP and Autonomous Teams workshop preparation and facilitation
  • Several improvement potential diagnoses (aeronautics and other sectors)

McKinsey (senior lean consultant)

Various Lean transformations (diagnosis and implementation) in the following sectors

  • luxury goods (TPI, PCD),
  • TV (TMM)
  • Metal industry 
  • Mass retail (soda cans)


  • Corporate Group JIT Lean project manager: defining Lean tools for the 18 JIT sites
  • New plant design projects - Bakov and Trnava
  • Internal Lean director in charge of 18 plants (Hoshin, SMED, Train, Flat storage, Kanban, 5S, TPM, …)


  • Manufacturing engineering and implementation of the Valeo Production System

Massey Ferguson (tractors)

  • Production area manager (150 people)

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